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Winegrowers since 4 generations

Welcome on the

Domaine du Haut Boug's website

Since 4 générations of wine-growers we have been producing high quality Muscadet on on a selected vineyard.

The Domain

Situated at the heart of the Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu appellation, Domaine du Haut Bourg is a family winery that has been built up by the efforts of four generations. The first Muscadet vines were planted on the estate in 1945 and, since then, the vineyard area has grown steadily to reach 40 hectares today.


The estate is planted with the following varieties:


            - Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet)                                                      23.00 hectares

            - Folle blanche (Gros Plant)                                                                  1.90 hectares

            - Grolleau Gris (white)                                                                           1.60 hectares

            - Sauvignon (white)                                                                               4.80 hectares

            - Grolleau (rosé)                                                                                    2.30 hectares

            - Gamay (red)                                                                                        3.60 hectares

            - Merlot (red)                                                                                          1.10 hectares

            - Cabernet (red)                                                                                    1.50 hectares


Our vineyards are all situated in the Commune of Bouaye. Our terroirs are mostly made up of red sand, gravel and small rolled quartz pebbles that give our wines fullness and a fine balance. The nearby Lake Grand Lieu to the south, the Loire to the north and the low height above sea level (15 to 25 m.) create a microclimate characterized by low variations in temperature between day and night. This favours early maturity.



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