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Muscadet Haut Bourg Choblet Accueil


Vignerons depuis 4 générations

Une qualité suivie

Grâce à notre démarche qualitative tant à la vigne qu'à la cave, nos vins sont primés tous les ans dans les concours nationaux et les différents guides.

Vintage 2013

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2013: A sample fromcuve, the wine still on the lees. Fine-boned white stone minerality on the nose, good expression, fresh and really zippy. It is certainly clean. A little carbon dioxide adds to the lift in the wine here. Good substance though, correct acidity, pear and stone fruit character and some appealing texture. Impressive. 15.5-16.5/20 

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie Le Pavillon 2013:From vines planted on granite and micaschist. A single vineyard. The aromatics feel vibrant, precise and minerally, with a polished face-cream richness, scented with pear and floral notes. This is expressive and correct. A more structured palate, with a firm minerally seam on top, good acids, and fine, vinous white fruit beneath. Correctly styled, this could be very good indeed. 16-17/20 

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur lie 2013: A sample from cuve. This is sourced from a 1.5-hectare plot of vines. Aromatically it has a fresh, clean, herbal lift, and it feels very typical of Folle Blanche. There is a little grass to it as well though, and also a touch of musk. The palate is bright, full, lively, with good acidity and minerality. It has a nice zip to it. 13.5-14.5/20 

Grolleau Gris (VdP du Val de Loire) 2013: Perfumed, sandy fresh nose, good salty edge to it, and this comes through on the palate as well, with fleshy green-tinged fruit. There is some flesh to it, and an approachable breadth on the palate. Easy drinking and fun. The residual sugar, at 4 g/l, may be helping the texture here a little. It feels broadly dry though. 14-15/20 

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2013: Quite a grassy and sandy Sauvignon Blanc nose here. It feels fresh, with a lightly fleshy palate. This is very easy going, with some soft and open grassy fruit as per the nose, and a fleshy texture despite there being no appreciable residual sugar. A rather short finish. 13.5-14.5/20 


Vintage 2012

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2012: A pungent nose to this wine, showing white fruit with a rather sweet character, nuanced with pears presented in a very precise and floral style. The palate is full, rich, broad, with exciting acidity. I find lots of fruit character here, pear skin, acidity, freshness, bite and a white pepper grip. Lots of substance in the finish too. Good. 15-16/20 

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie Pavillon 2012: A delightfully cutting, sandy minerality on the nose here, very pure, the aromatics showing less fruit character here, with more minerally suggestions. The palate is reserved, with white peach, apricots and pear flesh, a good grip and pithy substance. A fine, peppery bite in the finish. This is a very stylish wine with a lot of potential. Very good indeed. 16-17/20 

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant sur lie 2012: This has a fragrant, very floral, perfumed nose. It is full, supple, and just as fragrant on the palate as it is aromatically, with a fine, sandy character. Pretty, but overall rather straightforward in terms of character. 14-15/20 

Grolleau Gris (VdP du Val de Loire) 2012: A pretty, floral nose, with rather a sandy character to it as well. It has a leafy fruit freshness, some notes of spiced almonds too. The palate is remarkably fresh and fragrant, with a supple character, good acidity and some nice flesh. It has more weight than its residual sugar (7 g/l) would suggest. Spicy, fleshy, easy and approachable. 14.5/20 

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2012: Cool fermentation, at 16-17ºC. A sandy character to the nose. Bright white fruit, sweet and lifted, with a little nuance of pear drop. Polished, dry, fleshy though, with a slightly grassy floral character, and plenty of good acidity to counteract the fleshy weight. 14.5/20 

Vintage 2011

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2011: A full, lemony, slightly salty nose here, with plenty of fresh fruit too, especially notes of pear and little tinges of white pepper. Classically Muscadet, clean too, an achievement in this difficult, rot-infested vintage. The palate has a lovely tingling minerality and acidity to it at first, helping to give the wine a good definition, with moderate substance which actually builds with air into a handsome flesh, backed up by a good, sappy fruit substance. The fruit starts off with a pithy character to it, but soon shows richer, citrus tones, with notes of orange zest and juice. Overall fresh, grippy, appealing. Lovely, fruit-rich, but with all the backbone of the appellation. Perhaps not the precision of 2010, but fine substance and grip. 15/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Le Pavillon sur lie 2011: A really evocative and open character here, fruit-rich and aromatic. There are notes of juicy pear and sweet, aromatic, Provençal herbs, rich and intriguing. The palate is full of all this pear-juice fruit, laced with white pepper at first, and then through the middle there are more vibrant notes of citrus fruits, oranges and lemons. There are also enticing structural elements coming in here, with supremely balanced acidity and fruit, a tingling sea of minerals, and juicy substance. Gloriously fun to drink, and yet also substantial and composed, adding a cerebral component to the forward pleasure. Delicious. 16/20

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais 2011: A brut de cuve sample, not yet filtered. The aromatics are unsurprisingly very fresh, primary and sing of the fermentation, all pears and leafy fruit. Aromatically, I have to confess I find this pretty-fruit character very appealing. It is fresh, lively, quite aromatic but gently fleshy too. Despite its reputation this is not at all challenging; it is ripe, polished and fresh, although it does have a bit of a bite as well. A good sappy finish too. Pass the oysters, please. 14.5-15.5/20

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2011: A really fascinating aromatic profile here, as this combines the slightly sandy and salty minerality that one might expect in a Muscadet with the aromatic fruit profile of a Loire Sauvignon Blanc. The latter elements are fairly savoury rather than too sweet, but in all honesty it is the sandy-salty element that dominates the nose, and I confess I find it really attractive. The palate is mouthfilling, rich, with a vibrant fruit intensity, all pears, star fruit, gooseberry and the like. The substance is fairly rich and broad, this certainly being a wine of impact and flavour. It lingers in the finish a little as well. None of the raw character you can sometimes get with this variety, Overall I think this is remarkably good quality considering the variety and its origins. 16/20


Signature du Haut Bourg Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu 2012: My first taste of this. Likely to be bottled in June 2016. A small volume in this vintage. A very expressive and minerally nose, crystalline pebbles with smoky and flinty notes, with a little pear skin substance. This is followed by a very pure, confident, minerally palate, a wonderful central spindle of flinty minerals, with pears and peaches wrapped around this very impressive core. Imposing, with good richness and maturity, finely balanced too, with fresh acidity. In other words it is classic for 2012, amplified by four years on the lees. Remarkable length too. Superb. From a 2016 update. 17.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Signature 2010: This has spent 51 months sur lie. A perfumed, sherbet-tinged, delicately minerally nose here, lightly lifted by this vein. The palate follows a similar style, being fresh, poised, with a bright, lightly floral character. There is texture here, a nicely poised substance on the palate, with a good minerally undercurrent to it, as well as energy and freshness. That little floral note persists at the edges. Grippy and poised. Good. From a Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu at Twenty Years tasting. 16.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Signature 2009: From 45-year old vines. One of the long lees-aged cuvées. Bottled December 2012, after three years on the lees in traditional subterranean tank. Harvested 15 days after other pickings to give more depth. The nose is fresh, open, with good polished style, solid minerality coming through. The palate is firm, correct, stylish and fairly full. There is a stack of mineral character here, such energy and a precise definition. Piles of potential, and this is quite long too. 16.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Signature 2006: A pale golden yellow. Aromatically there are polished yellow golden fruits, showing signs of age but this is in no way 'mature'. There are notes of yellow peach and brioche. The palate conveys this richness on first taste, but it is followed up by a dry entry into the midpalate, before it unfolds to reveal plenty of lively acid and vibrant, crunchy minerality. The substance is not as richly embellished as the nose first suggested, the frame of the wine very secure, crisply defined, but as it builds through the middle it does show a fine confidence, with nuances of citrus fruits and pear coming through, that certainly holds appeal. This is true in the finish as well, which is grippy and shows some dry, appealingly bitter length. A good wine in what was a difficult vintage for the region, with a wet harvest giving difficulties akin to those just seen in 2011. 16.5/20

Origine du Haut Bourg Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu 2006: A sample from cuve. To be bottled in June 2016, after close to ten years on the lees. Aromatically this has a very pure, perfumed style, very elegant, with white pear fruit and a sherbetty citrus zest. The palate shows a little more minerally substance than the 2005, very nicely polished, with pear skin and peaches. Lots of incisive character, a fresh minerally seam and some nicely balanced acids. A long, clean, thoroughbred finish. Splendid potential here; it will be fascinating to revisit this after bottling; while it doesn't have the confidence of the 2005, it has a touch more minerality. From a 2016 update. 17.5/20

Origine du Haut Bourg Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu 2005: This has seen out ten years sur lie, and has been in bottle for one month. Note the subtly rearranged name. An appealing, lightly yellow-gold colour. The nose has dried fruits, polished citrus concentration, and lovely floral, honeyed-acacia notes. The palate has a very vinous, elegant composure, with softly polished citrus fruits, a beautifully seamless texture, a melding of citrus and white peach fruit, with vanilla flower and acacia nuances, all underpinned by a fine frame of fresh acidity. A very impressive cuvée indeed. From a 2015 update. 17.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Origine 2003: From vines planted in 1944 by their grandfather. This vintage has seen out ten years on its lees. Bottled September 2013. White peach, vanilla flowers, white stone here. This seems fresh and bright which is impressive for the vintage. The palate is richly polished, textured, with a very broad palate, soft and open in the style of the vintage, but there is a good minerally substance underneath, well hidden by the textured orchard-fruit richness, and bright acids too. A fine composition, with a long, incisive finish. Appealing, and true to the vintage style. From a 2014 update. 16.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Origine 2002: Once released from the bottle this wine demonstrates a pale lemon-gold hue in the glass. And it has a quite remarkable nose, rich and impressively full, and yet vibrant and bright. The fruit character is very exuberant, but also clean and well defined, with orange zest, sherbet, honeysuckle and yellow peach aromas all in evidence. Later on, with a little more exposure to the air, it shows more complex fruit notes, slightly more tropical, with hints of pineapple even. On the palate it is pure and defined at the start, with fabulous depth and a firm minerality coursing through beneath the vibrant citrus fruits. There is a lemony cut to it but there is no denying the substance. This gives it a lemon-cream feel, a slight hint of richness but nothing too polished or honeyed, the midpalate maintaining a precision and beautifully poised balance. It has a delicious length too, the finish just going on and on. A super style here, proof that there is life beyond the Sèvre et Maine appellation. For label images and more see my Wine of the Week write-up. 17.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu 2001: This is the cuvée that is aged ten years sur lie, renamed Origine in the 2002 vintage. Lovely, lightly polished face cream and pear skin character. On the palate it shows the richness and breadth of the extended lees aging, with great composition. Full of depth, texture, acid definition and fine, face cream and white peach character, with a characteristic streak of bitterness. Very good indeed. From a Muscadet tasting in the Maison des Vins de Nantes, hosted by InterLoire. 17/20

Vintage 2010

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2010: A lovely, stony, polished, pear-fruit profile here, evocative and expressive, perhaps with a more classically styled character than the 2011. Whereas that vintage speaks of the fruit, this one seems to speak of the stone at its centre. Fresh, lifted, almost floral in character, redolent of elderflower. The palate has a firm and stony character, lovely definition, white stone fruit, pear skins, white pepper, thyme and overall a great sense of grip. Only a very bare minerality at its core, but it still has some lovely character. The finish is really composed, harmonious, giving a fine sense of polish and even finesse. In no way austere though, as all that stony character comes wrapped up in a juicy texture, and there is a real flourish of fruit in the finish. Impressive. 15.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Le Pavillon sur lie 2010: Beautiful fresh citrus fruit on the nose here, over notes of whites peach and pear. Fresh, bright and vibrant, with a stony purity but loaded with exuberant fruit too. Notes of thyme as well. Fine, pure, rich and yet with a lovely substance and structure to it on entry, maintaining a super presence through the middle of the palate. There is a real flesh to it, but also a fine-boned grip and surprisingly bright but precise acid backbone, giving it an attractive balance rather than anything more cutting. Quite savoury elements coming in through the middle, giving it a really broad appeal. Long and pithy. And a good grip in the finish. 16.5/20

Vintage 2014

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2014: To be bottled some time in March. A fine, expressive nose, with some great minerally aromatics, soft white stone nuances with a thyme edge. A fine purity here. Lovely minerally and polished fruit character at the start, with great midpalate energy, a lovely substance and depth to it, and a little length too. Another sign of the benevolence of this vintage. From my first Loire 2014 report. 15.5-16.5/20

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie Le Pavillon 2014: A lovely style, bright and pure, with a minerally, salty, iodine-tinged nose. Classic for the appellation. I find a little pear-skin fruit underneath that. The palate has a really impressive start, showing great substance through the middle, with energetic minerality and a fine acid backbone. Lots of substance and texture here, and a savoury, mineral flourish in the finish. Impressive. From my first Loire 2014 report. 16-17/20

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur lie 2014: A restrained and delicate style here, some white stone minerals on the nose, but it remains cool and low key. The palate is supple, with good texture and some concentration, but it has a lovely freshness with it, helped by zippy minerals and good acidity. Some lemon fruit adds to the cut. Fresh, lively, easy to drink. From my first Loire 2014 report.14.5-15.5/20 

Grolleau Gris (VdP du Val de Loire) 2014: A fresh, lively, but feminine and floral nose. Some nice energy on the palate, full and fun, with a lightly sweet, aromatic, herbal-fruit character. Underneath, a nice flesh and good substance. This is an easy-drinking, clean and supple style. From my first Loire 2014 report. 14.5/20

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2014: This has a very pungent, lightly grassy, certainly expressive Sauvignon nose. The palate shows some sweet and perfumed fruit, rather full, with a grassy-sandy character to it, but supported by a full and ripe texture as suggested on the nose. An attractive, pretty, easy-going wine. From my first Loire 2014 report. 14.5/20 

Vintage 2015

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2015: A brut de cuve sample. To be bottled in March or April. Lightly filtered for tasting at the Salon des Vins de Loire. A very exuberant, very expressive nose, full of powdered rocks and fresh, expressive citrus fruit. Great energy here, loaded with fruit, all peaches and kumquats, showing the richness and ripeness of the vintage, richly textured too, and yet still with a nice acid seam. And there is a fresh, minerally thread running through it too. Lots of exotic maturity here. Very convincing.


Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie Le Pavillon 2015:  A brut de cuve sample. An expressive nose, but very pure as well, all focused on the minerality rather than the fruit here. There is some attractive citrus fruit pith but the fine-boned minerality is more attention-grabbing . The palate shows the richness of the vintage again, all polished and fleshy, but with a very bright mineral and acid seam. Some textured grip on the finish, very fresh with acids and minerals too. A long and peppery confidence. 16-17/20

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur lie 2015:  A brut de cuve sample. This is very fresh, quite expressive, with perfumed white chalk, with a little citrus-leaf edge to it. A pure and quite plump palate, with a lightly bitter middle. It is gently textured overall, with fresh acidity and a little peppery vein. A fresh, clean, peppery finish. Good. 14.5-15.5/20 

Grolleau Gris (VdP du Val de Loire) 2015: Some skin contact again here, although just a little otherwise the wine would end up as a vin gris. Fresh, rather nettly nose, with a pebbly lift. The palate shows that residual flesh, with plush pear skin and nettle-laced fruit alongside. A gentle acidity makes this very approachable and for easy drinking. A slightly pithy pear-skin finish here, but with that supple weight still. 14/20

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2015:  Some skin contact on this cuvée, perhaps 6 -7 hours in the press. Then a cold settling, followed by a cool fermentation at 16ºC. A very fresh, green-fruit character aromatically, not grassy, more greengage and yellow capsicum. A plush and very clean palate, gently polished, with a bright and very varietal capsicum character. A short, lightly pithy finish. Good.  14.5/20 

Vintage 2016

Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie 2016: A tank sample, due to be bottled March 2017. Orange zest, and a salty-mineral backbone. On the palate an exuberant substance, with charming fruit. The fruit on the palate is similarly delightful, all yellow peach, orange zest and kumquat too, with some veins of crunchy mineral and a little minty freshness as well. Deliciously vibrant and full, and set to offer good value too.


Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie Le Pavillon 2016:  A fresh and salty character, a very broad confidence, overall an imposing start. The palate is expressive, with white-peach fruit entwined within veins of peach leaf and mint, both musky and minerally at the same time. Lightly bitter, with a fresh and very long character on the finish. Very good potential, but very primary at the moment. 16-17/20

Vin de Pays & Gros Plant

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur lie 2016:  AThis has a fresh, open and quite pungent nose, with a tense minerally character. Fresh and pure, filled with peach-leaf fruit. A fuller style than is often the case, in this warmer vintage, but with fresh acidity and some good tension to it as well. A salty-mineral vein, pithy, bright and very correct. This will make a good seafood wine. 15-16/20 

Grolleau Gris (VdP du Val de Loire) 2016: The usual grassy, sandy but also musky nose that seems to typify this cuvée. Just bottled two weeks ago. A fresh palate, with grassy fruit, leafy and fresh, the greener style and acidity balanced by 5 g/l residual sugar. There is a little pine needle character to the fruit as well. An attractive, straightforward style, for summer drinking. 14.5/20

Sauvignon Blanc (VdP du Val de Loire) 2016:  At the time of tasting this was still in tank, although bottling was scheduled for March 2017. A really quite pungent Sauvignon nose, grassy, with scents of greengage and box tree. There is an undeniable varietal thiol character here, which dominates the palate as well as the nose, with a very fresh substance, a powdered chalky character, plenty of vigour, and a soft texture.  14.5-15.5/20 

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